Fear of charging what your cakes are worth.


It’s scary, I know.

The first time you decide to charge what your cakes are worth.

You’ve gone over the numbers and you know deep down that you should send the quote to your client but you hesitate.

“What if he thinks it’s too high?” or “What if she finds someone cheaper.”

Let me let you in on a secret, there will always be someone who is willing to do it cheaper than you.

Stop taking cheap orders because you feel you have to. It will affect the quality of your work.

It doesn’t matter if your client leaves because they can’t afford your prices, you know why? Because them leaving creates the space for your ideal client. Your ideal client is someone who is happy to pay for the high quality cake you produce. Remember people will always value what they pay more for. And people will only value you at what you think you’re worth. So if you think your cakes are worth less, that’s how people will treat your cakes. Charge what your cakes are worth because your cakes are designer not high street.