Why are your fees so high?


Has a potential client ever asked you that question?

A lady asked me that question recently and then proceeded to tell me how much she would pay.

“If that is your budget, I’ll be happy to work with you on a cake to fit your budget.” I responded

“No, I want this cake and that is what I’m going to pay”

“Well, if you want this cake. It’ll cost £35 for the things I need and I’ll have to pay my staff for 5 hours. I’ve gone as low as I can go and with this price I’m barely making any profit on this cake, for this reason I’m afraid I’m unable to help you.”

Lesson: You can be flexible on your profit margin but you need to treat yourself like you would treat your employee. If you won’t slash your employee’s hourly rate, why are you slashing yours?

Learn to say “No”

No to working long hours for barely any profit.

No to burnout.